First Party, Early Out Collection & Billing Services

Early collection efforts that preserve relationships with your customers while bringing them current.

For these types of debt collection accounts we can identify billing or adjustment errors and motivate current customers that may only need a courtesy reminder to become current.

These early debt collection accounts are handled in a manner which preserves your relationship with your customers while ensuring that your outstanding bills are collected before formal collection activity is pursued.

Low Service Fees- 10% or Less and No Fees Unless We Collect.
Many debt collection agencies ask you to pay them to send a letter and maybe make a phone call. At Aargon Agency Inc., if your account is less than 60 days past due, we only charge 10% or less based on volume. Only if we collect do you pay. Don't throw more money at a potential loss. Try our collection system and save money.

Mailing Services for Billing Statements and Reminders.
Aargon Agency Inc., can mail early collection notices using your letterhead thus keeping the existing comfort level with the customer, or we can use our letterhead to create a sense of urgency.

Pre-Collection Courtesy Telephone Calls
Aargon Agency, Inc. can make and receive collection calls as the billing department of your establishment. This is a highly effective way to maintain established trust and yields superior results. If you prefer we can work as Aargon Agency, Inc. and not as your office, notifying customers that we are the last step before more aggressive debt collection efforts ensue.

Automated Customer Service and Reminder Calls
Our ApexVox dialer is also able to utilize any recorded script when calling your customers for appointment reminders, customer service surveys or for any other purpose.

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